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Supporting your team’s health and wellbeing is a huge deal. And it only takes a few small steps.

With OS BENEFiTS, affordably priced priced preventive care, crisis services, and lifestyle resources are all just a few clicks away.

Getting Started

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Step 1

Sign up in a few steps

Set up an account, upload your employee names & email addresses, and select your subscription tier — from there, we’ll spread the word to your team.

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Step 2

We’ll take it from here

Your team will each receive personalized login via the email. Once they complete a 5-minute Onboarding Questionnaire they’ll be ready to use their benefits. We’ll keep them—and you—in the loop on new benefit offerings, vendors, and more.

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Step 3

Adjust as you go

No hidden fees, no yearly pricing. Adjust as your team fluctuates with the seasons and increase or decrease your coverage to meet the needs of your team and your budget.

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Let’s Keep
The Good Times

  • Explore new benefits and offerings.

    Throughout the year, we’ll update your team as we continue to roll out new ways to support your team’s health and happiness.

  • Adjust as you go.

    With our employer dashboard, it’s easy for you to manage account settings, employees, and payment options—and even cancel your subscription if needed.

  • Feel free to ask for more.

    To us, hospitality is all about meeting your every need. So if there’s a benefit you crave, or something you think we can do better, let us know. We always want to hear from you.

“I want to thank Oyster Sunday for holding our hands during this journey. They are, among others, doing the most critical work in our industry.”

Jack McGarry, Dead Rabbit

Plans start as low as $35 per employee per month

OS BENEFiTS is the first marketplace for independent hospitality businesses to support their teams with affordably priced preventive care, crisis services, lifestyle resources, and more.

With one monthly, per-employee fee, you can provide meaningful coverage to full and part-time team members.

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Family Planning

What about health insurance?

OS BENEFiTS offers access to telehealth care, suplemental insurance plans, and dental memberships, all of which can help bridge the gap for underinsured and uninsured employees. But access to employer-provided health insurance can make a huge difference for your team.

Coming Soon:
Catastrophic Insurance

In the the Fall 2023, we will release our Catastrophic Inursance plan. With this plan, your team members will receive medical coverage for unexpected and unintended health costs, like stitches, surgery, x-rays and physical therapy. This policy works with or without existing health insurance.

If you need help navigating the logistical or finance challenges of small-group health insurance plans, we’re here to help.

Bring your team to the table

Discover how you can support your team with quality resources and benefits.