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Great hospitality means taking care of your guests’ every need. It’s time we do the same for our teams.

OS BENEFiTS is the first affordable health insurance and wellness benefits marketplace made for the hospitality industry, by the hospitality industry.

Built with small business budgets in mind. Designed with your team at heart.

When comparing the OSB Health Insurance Plans next to our national competitors, the numbers say it all. Our stable costing allows you and your team to know exactly what to budget for care.

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Choose your membership

Starting as low as $35 per employee per month, our plans meet the needs of your team based on where your business is today, tomorrow and in the future. We diffuse the risk of small business plans and offer unique benefits to your entire team including things like access to telehealth services for part-time employees.

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OSB Health Insurance

Plans start at $260

Affordable health insurance plans with low co-pays, competitive monthly premiums, and nationwide coverage. The OSB Wellness Marketplace is bundled into all of the OSB Health Insurance plans.

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OSB Wellness Marketplace

$35 per month per employee

Access to 25+ benefits ranging from preventative telehealth care, crisis services, family planning, mental & physical wellness, lifestyle resources, and more.


Enroll your team in less time than it takes to shake a Ramos Gin Fizz.

Family Planning


Choose an OSB Health Insurance Plan

We bring the collective bargaining power of a large group to small businesses to secure ACA-compliant health insurance to meet your budget and your team’s needs.

Already have coverage? Simply add on the Wellness Marketplace.

Preventive Care


Submit Your Team’s Information

Simply submit your teams contact info — name, email, and phone number — and we will take care of the onboarding process. Healthcare coverage can begin as early as 30 days from submission.

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Enjoy your OSB Membership

Starting day one, your team will have access to 25+ free & discounted (20-80% off) goods and services including affordable telehealth, crisis services, mental & physical wellness, and lifestyle resources. The OSB Wellness Marketplace is included in all health insurance plans.


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Step 1

Sign up in a few steps

Sign up for OSB Wellness Marketplace, upload your employee names & email addresses—from there, we’ll spread the word to your team.

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Step 2

We’ll take it from here

Your team will each receive personalized login via the email you provided. Once they complete a 5-minute Onboarding Questionnaire they’ll be ready to use their benefits and we’ll keep them—and you—in the loop on new benefit offerings, vendors, and more.

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Adjust as you go

No hidden fees, no yearly pricing. Adjust as your team fluctuates with the seasons and increase or decrease your coverage to meet the needs of your team and your budget.

Independent doesn’t have to mean doing it alone

Join a community of hospitality businesses around the US who are looking for new, innovative ways to protect their teams. When we come together, we can go so much further.