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We all bring something special to the table. Together, we can make sure everyone gets their share.

We believe in the power of independent restaurants and hospitality businesses to transform the communities they serve. But when we band together, we’re capable of so much more.

By becoming part of OS BENEFiTS, you’re becoming part of a movement to build a more sustainable and supportive infrastructure for the entire industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How are these discounts and rates possible?

By bringing many small, independent businesses together, we’re able to harness the collective bargaining power of a much larger organization, and negotiate more competitive, affordable rates. Many of our partners have also generously lowered the barrier to entry on their services, with free and discounted rates (20% - 80% off).

How do I know if OS BENEFiTS is right for me?

OS BENEFiTS is specifically designed for US-based independent restaurants and hospitality businesses, as well as for freelance individuals. Our coverage is available to all hospitality workers, no matter their role or employment status: front-of-house, back-of-house, full-time and part-time.

Is this a substitute for small business healthcare plans?

Today, only 32% of independent hospitality workers have access to employer-provided health care benefits from their employers leaving over 7.5 million of our teams underinsured or uninsured.

OS BENEFiTS is not a comprehensive healthcare, but it is designed to bridge the gap with access to affordably priced preventive care, crisis services, and wellness services. Looking for a health insurance broker for your team? We’re happy to help connect you with one.

Think of us as your operational support partner — with benefits.

Brought to you by Oyster Sunday, OS BENEFiTS brings the expertise, resources and negotiating power of a major hospitality group to independent restaurants and hospitality businesses across the country.